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           Welcome to our website. We are Inter Island Boat Services, a reputable boat service enterprise that offers daily ferry service to the best British Virgin Islands vacations resorts,  from Red Hook to Jost Van Dyke, Virgin Gorda, Tortola, and Anegada. We offer ferry transportation to tourists and local people alike. The British Virgin Islands are glorious vacation resorts/spots. They are located in the Caribbean region, has a tropical climate, boasting white sand beaches, and coral reefs.

         With Inter Island Boat Services, you can take a short yet enjoyable boat trip to the best British Virgin Islands vacation resorts. We leave in the morning and return in the afternoon. In the meantime, you may explore the world of warm sunlight, endless blue waters, and lush, flamboyant tropical greenery. You may get an insight into the interesting, exotic culture of the happy, friendly Virgin Islands people; the culture of the British Virgin Islands is the most interesting mixture of English, Danish, Dutch, French, Indian, Caribbean, and African tradition. You can visit one of the famous bars of Jost Van Dyke to have some rum, or eat fascinating seafood or some other spicy specialty. Our destinations also include Tortola, Anegada, and Virgin Gorda. Tortola is the largest of the Virgin Islands, and it has the best beaches of the archipelago, for instance, Long Bay and Cane Garden Bay. Anegada is a little tropical paradise where you can find one of the largest coral reefs of the world, the Horseshoe Reef, a horseshoe-shaped reef which is 18 miles long. Anegada also has an exotic fauna: Caribbean flamingos, Anegada rock iguanas, and rare turtle species. At Virgin Gorda, you can visit The Baths, a beach area featuring huge granite boulders that form natural tunnels and grottoes. If you enjoy the scorching sun, spectacular beaches, and tropical settings, the best British Virgin Islands vacation adventures resorts are a perfect choice for you. With Inter Island Boat Services, you can get to go and enjoy all the natural features and sights.

         Inter Island Boat Services has been in the business for over thirty-one years. We have a great reputation, our several former, current, and returning guests love our services, and they know that they can trust us anytime. Our staff members are competent, friendly, and cheerful. We want to turn your trip into a special journey. We make sure that you have a wonderful time when you visit the best British Virgin Islands destinations. vacation resorts. Our modern passenger ferries are well-equipped, comfortable, and very safe, they live up to high standards.

         Are you into an adventurous holiday, or just want to look around in the area? Inter Island Boat Services also provides special trips to discover local festivities, carnivals, restaurants or bars. Feel free to check out our ferry schedule and book a reservation to one of our special trips.

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