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About Us

Your Trusted St John Virgin Islands Ferry Service

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Welcome aboard! We are Inter Island Boat Services, a locally-owned ferry company providing reliable ferry service throughout the USVI and BVI for over 30 years.

Ferry service between St. Thomas and St. John:

We offer a daily service between Cruz Bay (Creek) and Crown Bay Marina, St. Thomas.  Some have dubbed our ferry service between Crown Bay, St. Thomas and St. John as the ‘Crown Bay ferry’.  A few years ago, we filled a need for courteous and dependable ferry service between the airport on St. Thomas and our beautiful island of St. John without the need to traverse the island of St. Thomas by taxi.  Crown Bay is only 5 minutes from the airport and offers a tranquil seaside area to wait for the ferry. Tickles Pub is right on the water and offers breakfast, lunch and dinner.  You can also grab a cool drink or cone from Scoops and Brew (right behind where the ferry docks!). If the vessel is available and it is not yet time to depart, you can leave your luggage with the crew and go enjoy a nice cool drink!  We pride ourselves on our customer service and we want you to enjoy your time in the islands so, if there is anything we can do, just ask!

Ferry service to the British Virgin Islands

We offer service between the USVI and the British Virgin Islands. Please note that these runs require a valid passport and you will be clearing Customs and Immigration on the individual islands and, once again, when you return to the USVI.

The British Virgin Islands offer some very unique sites and experiences. If you would like to visit them while in the USVI, we provide ferry service both from Red Hook, St. Thomas and Cruz Bay, St. John to Jost Van Dyke, Virgin Gorda and Anegada.  These runs originate in the morning and come back in the afternoon, making it the perfect daytrip for your vacation.  If you are staying the in BVI, you can also arrange to use our ferry service for your transportation needs as well.

Jost Van Dyke

This happy little island is so quaint and wonderful that you will want to return again and again. We dock in Great Harbour where you will clear Customs and Immigration. There are several bars, restaurants and little shops in this area and it is within a 5 minute walk to the where the ferry is docked. This includes the famous Foxy’s where you just might be lucky enough to hear the infamous crooner sing a song just for you.

White Bay is a luxurious white sandy beach dotted with restaurants and bars and it is a 5 minute taxi from the ferry dock (up and over a big hill so walking is not recommended). There you will find Gertrude’s, Seddy’s One Love, Hendo’s Hideout, and Soggy Dollar Bar, with Ivan’s just a short walk to the East.  Plenty of places to grab a drink and relax in the incredible warm blue waters of the Caribbean.

There is also the famous Taboo restaurant and bar on the East end of the island if you are feeling adventurous. And, once there, it is a short walk to the bubbly pool!  This may be a little island with a local feel but it provides a big enjoyment factor, so, join us on our next trip!

Virgin Gorda

Virgin Gorda is home to the world famous ‘Baths’. This is short for batholithe, a geological term for the granite boulders strewn on the south side of the island. They crowd the beaches there and provide these incredible grottos and small cave-like hiding places. It is a natural beauty not found anywhere else in the Caribbean. It is worth a daytrip to explore this unique area.

If you choose to take an island tour before ending up at the Baths, you will see some amazing views as you climb the hill towards North Sound. Once in North Sound, you will see why so many of the boating community overnight in this quiet and tranquil part of the island.


The Virgin Islands are all volcanic in origin so you see mountainous islands all around except for this island. This island is unique in that it is a coral atoll.  The highest point is 28 feet above sea level. The beaches here are incredible and the snorkeling unsurpassed!

Because this island is as far out as it is, the population is sparse at about 250 people on a 11 mile long, 2 mile wide island.  The fishing history here is rich and fresh lobster lunch can be found at just about every restaurant.  You can easily find a stretch of beach all to yourself to just relax and unwind.

There is also the flamingo population on Anegada, the Rock Iguanas, and rare turtle species. The salt flats are just down the road from where the ferry docks and provide a great place for small kids to play in the water.  We can’t say it enough…this island is well worth the effort!

Inter Island Boat Services has served the transportation needs of both tourists and locals alike for several decades and we look forward to hosting you in the near future.

We also provide special trips for local festivities so always check back under our ‘Special Events’ for dates and times. Or, if you have a special need, please feel free to contact us to arrange your ferry transportation within the USVI and to the BVI.